Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information we require from you

To use our Services, you need to create an account. This will require you to provide us with certain information. We may require the following information from you:

  • your personal information (such as your name, postal address, email address, telephone number, and country of residence);
  • your login and password details for the account;
  • details of requests/transactions you make through our Site;
  • your IP address and the type of browser or device you use;
  • communications you send to us (i.e. when you ask for support, report a problem or send us questions or comments); or
  • information that you submit to MyTV LLC.

Information we will keep private

We will not share the following data with other users nor will it be displayed publicly:

  • communications you send to us (for example, when you ask for support, send us questions or comments, or report a problem);
  • any payment information;
  • your password details;
  • your IP address; or
  • your phone number.

We will not share your personal information with any third-parties unless it is necessary to the provision of our Services. Where we deem it to be necessary to share your personal information with third parties, we require that the third parties protect your personal information to the same level as we do.

We are authorized to disclose your personal information where we believe it is reasonably necessary in order to comply with the law or law enforcement, to prevent fraud or abuse, or to protect our legal rights.

Information that will be shared between Project Creators & Collaborators

When a user backs a project, the project’s Project Creator will be advised of the user's account name, the amount pledged, and the reward that they have selected.

If a project you have backed is successfully funded, the Project Creator will receive the backer's email address. The Project Creator may then send the backer a questionnaire requesting the information needed to provide the reward.

Project Creators are authorized to appoint collaborators to help manage their project. These collaborators may also have access to the information available to Project Creators (i.e. the backers’ names, email addresses, pledge amounts, reward selection, and survey responses). Both Project Creators and collaborators are required to treat backers’ personal information with care and respect.

What information will be made publicly available?

When you create an account, we create an individual profile page for you. Your profile will contain your account name, a list of projects you have backed or launched and the date your account was created. Whenever your account name appears on the Site, users will be able to click on your account name and view your profile. Please note that your profile is not searchable on the Site nor can it be searched via search engines like Google. The following information will be publicly available:

  • the account name;
  • the date the account was created;
  • extra information that you choose to add to your profile (i.e. your bio or display picture);
  • projects you've backed (although we will not disclose the amount you pledged or the rewards you chose);
  • projects you have launched;
  • comments you’ve posted on the Site; and
  • if you have "liked" a project update

Please be aware that project pages list the account names of users who have backed projects so please select your account name and account display picture accordingly.

When a Project Creator launches a project they will be asked to verify their name and this name will be publicly displayed on their account profile and on any projects they launch.

Uses of Your Personal Information

We will use the personal information you provide to:

  • identify you when you sign in to your account;
  • enable us to provide you with the Services;
  • analyze the use of the Services and the number of people visiting our Site to help aid improvement;
  • send you marketing communications in accordance with your email preferences;
  • send you details of projects we think will be of interest to you;
  • enable us to contact you;
  • administer your account; and
  • use for any other purposes that we may disclose to you when we request your information.

Please be aware of the following:

  • we will never post anything on your Facebook, Twitter, or other third-party accounts without your permission;
  • we do not and will not sell your data; and
  • Project Creators never receive backers’ credit card details or other payment information.


We will contact you via email when necessary. Occasionally we will also send you marketing emails, but you have the option to opt out of these marketing emails if you so wish.

Final words

To make changes or delete the personal information you have provided to us, please log in and update your profile. We are authorized to retain certain information as required by law or for necessary business purposes.

If you would like us to provide you with a copy of all of the personal information we hold about you, we can do this for a fee. Please contact us at the email address below to make this request.

People under 18 are not permitted to use MyTV LLC and so this privacy policy makes no provision for their use of MyTV LLC.

Information that you submit through the Services may be transferred outside of the country in which you reside. We will protect information we receive in accordance with this privacy policy.


If you have any questions or suggestions relating to this policy then please contact us at