What is mytv for?

MyTV allows you to Revive or Change your favourite shows that have been discontinued by creating petitions to bring these shows back to life. You can also Fund your own show projects on MyTV that need further funding to develop and create, simply share with your fans and gain their support.

We also provide a crowd-funding platform for Revive shows that have reached out to us having seen your petitions and are looking for further support, giving the power back to the viewers.

What are the basics?

How do I start a ‘Revive’ petition?

You can start a petition by clicking on the “Revive” button at the top of the homepage. Firstly, you must create an account to be able to do this. Follow the simple steps and within minutes your petition will be live to share and be signed by the whole of the internet!

How do I start a ‘Change’ petition?

You can start a petition by clicking on the “Change” button at the top of the homepage. Firstly, you must create an account to be able to do this. Follow the simple steps and within minutes your petition will be live to share and be signed by the whole of the internet!

How do I create my own ‘Fund’ project?

You can Launch your own show by click on the “Fund” button at the top of the homepage. You must create an account and add some further additional information to be able to do this. Follow the easy and simple steps, describe your show, link your first episode or upload artwork/screenshots then set a target goal you wish to hit to complete your project. Provide perks for those who back your show with certain levels of donations. Once you have done this your project will be live for everyone to see and support.

Who is mytv?

We are a small company based in LA, California. We strive to achieve a site that dictates which shows are created by allowing you to be the deciding voice, instead of the heads of giant corporate companies who wouldn’t know Friends from Lost! Every day we achieve amazing new things with the power of the internet and its voice and hope to continue to.

Will MyTV have access to edit my Petitions or Fund Projects?

Yes, we will be able to update your petitions with higher quality images/descriptions if it is to feature on our homepage. This will only add to the attraction of your petition and generate more signatures. We will not directly edit Fund projects but we will advise users if they require advice on maximising their creations impact.

What will happen when I’ve signed a petition?

You will have raised your voice for the show you wish to see revived or changed. The only information we take for this is your name, email address (to keep to updated on the revival – optional) and your country of residence.

Can I advertise myself on a petition?

No, the petitions are only to be used to collect signatures to make an impact. If you wish to advertise a show, please use the Fund feature. Any self-advertisement or misleading information on petitions will be removed. We retain the right to take full control of a petition if our Rules of Use are not met.

Can I create more than one petition?

Yes, you can create a revive or change petition for several shows.

If there happen to be several of the same petition we will merge the petitions, adding the unique signatures to the largest petition page of the lot.

Where do petitions come from?

Petitions come from you! If you love a show that was discontinued and want to see it back, simply create a Revive Petition and get all your friends to sign and share it. If it becomes high profile enough with a lot of signatures the creators will notice it and look in to reviving your favorite show! If you wish to change the characters of a show, prevent a character from being killed off (even if they died in the comics!), or change any other aspect about a show currently on the air, create a petition, let the creators of the show know what you want!

Why sign a petition?

It allows the original creators, directors, writers, even the stars of the show see that there is still a large following that would watch if it were to be revived or changed. It acts as data collection in the form of giving the internet a voice for the shows they want to see.

What do you get in return for signing a petition?

You have the knowledge that if a show does come back on your screen or something was changed about a show, you personally had a say in it.

Why is Fund “all or nothing”?

It provides less risk for everyone. The Fund pages must have realistic but specific goals set to achieve a full project as outlined on their page. Projects generally reach their goal or receive very little support. There is rarely any in-between.

If you set a $10,000 goal and are at $2,000 you already have a lot of people supporting the project. It motivates yourself and those who have backed the project to spread the work to see the project come alive.

If your show starts to receive a large amount of support it will appear on our “Popular Now” page and this will increase the number of people who see it and therefore the number of people willing to support. The initial support is super important, so share it as much as you can!

No one is charged until a project meets its funding goal and the funding period ends. This gives backers time to evaluate a project and gives us time to look in to any concerns raised by the backers.

Can I create more than one Fund page?

No, you are limited to one Fund per account at any one time. You can create another Fund project once one has hit its target or fails to do so.

Where do ‘Fund’ projects come from?

Fund projects are created by both us at MyTV and those of you hoping to get funding to create your own shows. We will work alongside those who are partnered with MyTV to make sure their pages are maximising their potential. We will also work with the creators of the shows that have seen a massive response from the revival petitions who have reached out to us and wish to start crowd funding to revive their show.

Why back projects?

You may have a favourite YouTuber who you would like to see make more high production content or a friend who is trying to make it in the film industry. Support comes from all over the internet. Some of you will be inspired, fall in love with trailers or pilot episodes and just need to see more! It’s more than just backing a project; it’s supporting the creation of something bold and unique.

You may even be drawn to the rewards of backing a project outlined on a Fund page.

What do you get in return for backing a Fund project?

You get the ability to follow the project closely and see it come to life. There are a wide range of rewards set by the creators of the pages, these will vary. They can often include artwork, hard copies of the created content, early viewing opportunities, other merch and so on.

What are the fees?

If a Fund project is successfully funded, MyTV applies a 5% fee to the funds collected. Our payments processor will also apply payment processing fees (~3-5%). The breakdowns are available here.

The fees are there to allow us to keep improving the site at very little cost to the backers and the creators. The percentage we take goes towards creating an efficient and effective way for communities to grow and support each other on MyTV.

Is it safe?

Our donation system features the very best in secure payment encryption technology. Your information will never be given to anyone and we will never request access to your account.

Are there any time limits?

There are time limits for petitions set by the creators.

Fund projects do also have a time limit; this is set by the creator along with a target goal for funding.

How will I know if someone backs my Fund project?

You will receive an email letting you know that someone has contributed along with their message. There is also be a feature on the Fund page that shows the most recent list of backers for the project.

Is my country supported?

Supported countries and currencies include: United States of America ($USD), United Kingdom (£GBP), Canada ($CAD), Australia ($AUD), and some European Union countries that use the Euro as their official currency (€EUR).

Can donators give privately?

Of course, you retain the right to stay anonymous in the view of the public with any or all your donations. However, the Fund project creator will always know who the donator is.

What about taxes?

We are unable to provide specific tax advice since everyone's situation is different. However, most donations on MyTV are simply considered to be 'personal gifts' which are not taxed as income in the US. Again, every situation is different so please consult with a tax professional in your area.

Who is responsible for completing a Fund project?

The Launch creator is responsible for completing their project. MyTV is not involved in the development.

We do not guarantee projects or investigate a creator's ability to complete their project. You the fans have the power to decide the validity of a project and its worthiness to be funded.

How do you know the creators will follow through with promises?

Successful projects will become very popular and closely followed. The creators are putting their reputation and brands and risk if they do not follow through.

You should look for the creators who have a clear plan, show experience, have evidence of their work and previous creative ventures. Make an informed decision on the projects you choose to support.

Check for social media connections such as posts on their pages that link directly to their Launch page to make sure that it is them. Feel free to request information from a creator via the “Message Campaign Creator” button on their Fund page.

How do we know a person is who they say they are?

You may be friends with the creator or have heard about the Fund project from a trusted source.

Look at their content, check that their social media pages support their project. Make sure they have created content previously. Send them a message to request more information via the “Message Campaign Creator” button on their Launch page.

In the creator’s content bio, you will be able to see their social media links and other information. You will also find verified accounts which have a check mark next to it.

What should I do if I’m having issues reaching my Fund project goal?

If you are having issues, the best thing to do is be transparent. Let the people supporting your project know what is happening by creating posts on the Updates section of your project page.

People will generally be very understanding as we all know things very rarely go exactly to plan and can take longer than expected. Often execution to create the best content will take longer than originally expected, this is to the backer’s benefit, although there may be a delay, the project may be even better than they had hoped.

If the problems are severe, you the creator must find a resolution. Such as offering refunds, detailing exactly how funds were used and other actions to satisfy backers. For more information, see our Terms of Use.

What are Fund projects obligated to do upon reaching their goal?

The creator is responsible for completing the project and fulfilling each of their outlined rewards. Remember – MyTV isn’t a shop, we are not selling finished content, we simply provide an avenue for fans to help create something new. It is down to the creator to fulfil or resolve any issues that may arise. Each project becomes its own little community, discuss issues and be transparent with each other. For more information, see our Terms of Use.

Will money be refunded if a project doesn’t reach its goal?

No, MyTV doesn’t issue refunds. All transactions are between backers and the Fund project creators directly. Creators receive all funds (less fees) soon after their campaign ends.

Why can’t MyTV guarantee project completion?

MyTV is a platform for people to express their love of old shows, change existing shows and support new creative ideas. You no longer need to make your way up the corporate ladder to become a TV writer for a massive network, you can show your talents on MyTV and prove to the world that they’ve been missing something fantastic.

This does however mean that because we open the doors to all the wonderful, ambitious and genius ideas, many of the projects you see on MyTV are in the very early stages of development. There is a risk that projects can fail or not be up to the standard you had hoped, but that is out of our control, we simply provide the platform that combines creativity and support.

How does MyTV protect the community?

We are dedicated to monitoring suspicious activity. The report button often helps us to pinpoint issues that do not align with our rules. So, if you notice anything suspicious do not hesitate to report it.

Remember, no one is charged until a project meets its funding goal and the funding period ends. This gives backers time to evaluate a project and gives us time to look in to any concerns raised by the backers.

I’m interested in partnering with MyTV, how do I go about this?

If you’re an organization, institution or entity interested in partnering with us, please reach out to partnerships@mytv.com.

Does MyTV have a responsible security disclosure procedure?

We do. If you’ve discovered a bug or vulnerability, please contact us here and we’ll make sure to have the issues looked at.

How do I report something to MyTV?

How do I report a copyright violation?

If you think some material on MyTV infringes your copyright, please talk with a lawyer before filing a complaint with us. Misrepresenting that material infringes your copyright may subject you to liability for damages, including attorneys' fees and costs incurred by project creators or other parties.

If you've spoken with a lawyer and think your material is being infringed, try contacting the project creator directly using the "Contact me" button on the project page. If that doesn't work, you can submit a complaint using this form.

For more information, please look at our Copyright and DMCA Policy.

How do I report a trademark violation?

If you believe a MyTV project is infringing on a trademark you hold, you can report a trademark violation by emailing copyright@mytv.com. We'll evaluate and respond to every report we receive.

Still need help? Contact us