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MyTV allows you to Revive or Change your favourite shows that have been discontinued by creating petitions to bring these shows back to life. You can also Fund your own show projects on MyTV that need further funding to develop and create, simply share with your fans and gain their support.

Joe Kenny

CEO, Co-Founder


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The Office

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CMO, Co-Founder

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American Horror Story

Choose 'Revive', 'Change', or 'Fund'

To begin, click ‘Start A Campaign’. If you wish to create a petition to bring back a show you loved, choose ‘Revive’. To petition changes to the format of an existing show, choose ‘Change’. To crowdfund your own creation and gain the support of the community to create your own unique show, choose ‘Fund’.

Creating your ‘Revive’ or ‘Change’ Petition

Enter the name of the show, a campaign title, and the campaign category. For ‘Change’, you will also need to enter the specific change you wish to bring about. You will then be prompted to enter more specific information, including your goals, reasons, and pictures if you choose to do so.

Creating your ‘Fund’ Project

Enter the name of your creation, your campaign title, and the genre of the show. Add as many resources to your project as you can, such as pilot episodes, artwork etc. Remember, you are advertising yourself and your show. You can also set reward values for backers who donate a certain amount.

Share with Friends and Family

In order for your campaign to gain traction, you must share it with your friends and family. Simply click on any of the social links on your live campaign to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, or Reddit. The more people who see the project, the more likely it’ll be a huge success!

Raise Funds or Gain Signatures

Once your campaign is live and the word has been spread, watch as your friends, family, and fellow fans support your campaign by either adding their signature or backing your unique project with funds. MyTV provides a voice for the fans and creators of shows we all want to watch!

If you have any more questions, visit our FAQ page.